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Much like a divorce action, custody cases can be contested or uncontested.  Parties are able to settle the case and reach an agreement concerning all custody-related issues by entering into an Agreed Permanent Parenting Plan Order.  If parties cannot reach an agreement, then they must go to trial for the Court to enter a Permanent Parenting Plan Order. 


There are many factors that the Court must consider prior to entering a final adjudication of custody; however, the key analysis applied by the Court is what serves the child’s best interest.  Parenting Plans are court orders which must be entered by the Court before the case can be finalized.  These documents resolve all custody related issues, including: the parties’ parenting time arrangement, Holiday schedule, financial support, insurance, etc. 


If the Court has already entered a Parenting Plan and you are seeking to modify it, then you may be interested in filing a petition to modify your Parenting Plan.  If your child was born out of wedlock, you may need to establish custody prior to proceeding with the process to enter a Parenting Plan. 


Whether your custody case is in juvenile, circuit, or chancery court, you need a skilled custody attorney to ensure that your and your children’s best interests are effectively represented.  Give our office a call today for a free case consultation concerning your custody action. 



If your current parenting plan order is not working out, you may be interested in filing a petition to modify it and enter new terms concerning the custody arrangements of your child(ren).  


Call 615-376-9933 now to schedule your free case consultation.

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