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Child Support

Child support is often a key point of contention in a custody case.  Child support is governed, in large part, by the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines.  There are several factors that go into a child support order including, the number of days of parenting time each parent has and each parent’s gross monthly income as defined by the Guidelines.  If child support has not been established in your case then you may be interested in filing a petition to do so.  If child support has already been set and you are seeking to increase or decrease it, you may be interested in filing a petition to modify child support. 


If you are interested in establishing or modifying child support, give our office a call today for a free case consultation. 


You may have a claim against the other party for a judgment for unpaid child support.  Rest assured that our attorney will take your matter seriously.


Attorney Jackson has extensive courtroom experience, so you can feel confident when your case finds its way before a Judge.  Consult our attorney in Brentwood, TN today.

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